Lindsey Lake drive


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Photo ofLindsey Lake drive Photo ofLindsey Lake drive Photo ofLindsey Lake drive


Trail stats

1.17 mi
Elevation gain
0 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
328 ft
Max elevation
6,176 ft
Min elevation
5,790 ft
Trail type
One Way
10 minutes
July 19, 2022
July 2022
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near Marsh Mill, California (United States)

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Trail photos

Photo ofLindsey Lake drive Photo ofLindsey Lake drive Photo ofLindsey Lake drive

Itinerary description

I’m posting this because there is some confusion about the roads to Lindsey Lake among the sources I use to navigate.

Google and USGS think Lindsey Lake Road meets Bowman Lake Road before you get to Lindsey Creek. That road is deliberately blocked by a large log. Google doesn’t know that Lindsey Lake Road goes all the way to the lake it is named after.

The Forest Service says to take road 17, Carr-Lindsey Lake road, from Bowman Lake Road to get to Lindsey Lake. They say it is 4 miles and the last 2 miles is a “very rough, narrow road until reaching the campground”. In my opinion Carr-Lindsey is the best road to get to Carr Lake but a poor choice to get to Lindsey Lake because there is a reasonable set of dirt roads that takes only a mile.

This track shows taking Black Camp Road to Old Lindsey Access Road to Lindsey Lake Road to the main parking for those who are not paying to camp at Lindsey Lake. There are not a lot of signs and there are some potentially confusing intersections. These roads are rough enough to slow me down but not challenging. Black Camp Road going straight from Bowman Lake Road and up the first hill has some large rocks that probably require a lifted vehicle, but my track takes the easy road around that obstacle. You won’t need 4WD. My stock full sized SUV had no problems but a lower car could make it with more care.

I parked at a large parking area that is outside the PG&E campground and has no fees or facilities. There is another wide spot for parking a few cars further up the hill that is also outside the campground.

Bowman lake road is “paved” almost all the way to Black Camp road. Bowman from 20 to the South Yuba is in its periodic pothole phase and as usual has some scary big potholes as you approach the end of pavement. A smooth ride if you are alert.


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