De perfecte toertocht in Telemarken!


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Photo ofDe perfecte toertocht in Telemarken!


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63.74 mi
Elevation gain
5,430 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
5,430 ft
Max elevation
2,425 ft
Min elevation
236 ft
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December 16, 2018
December 2018
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near Vrådal, Telemark fylke (Norge)

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Trail photos

Photo ofDe perfecte toertocht in Telemarken!

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Telemark (Norway) is pre-eminently a suitable region for touring. It is quiet and almost all roads meander through the beautiful nature. A round trip Vradal - Dalen - Kviteseid is therefore highly recommended!

Starting point: Vradal (road number 38) [Vradal - Telemark]

Distance: 103 km

Specialties: beautiful and typical Norwegian (mountain) roads. Sometimes narrow and (very) steep, but all in excellent condition. Enough break possibilities and attractions along the way.


Since this is a tour, you can choose the starting point randomly. We started in Vradal, road number 38 and follow it west towards Amdals Verk and on to Dalen. At first the road winds along the Vravatn lake, then we climb to a mountain pass. From Holtebru, the road descends hundreds of vertical meters in many (narrow) hearth bends. During the descent the view over the Bandak is more spectacular!

Down in the village of Dalen we follow road number 45 to Eidsborg. Once out of the village we climb up hundreds of altitude meters again through narrow hairpin bends - a spectacular ride! In Eidsborg, of course, stop at the smallest stavkyrkje in Norway. Then continue to Hoydalsmo, where you take the E134 to the right towards Kviteseid. A beautiful route follows Morgedal, known as the village where the modern ski sport originated.

At the junction with road number 41 we choose this to Kviteseid. Over here we drive over impressive bridges and we have a nice view of the Kviteseidvatnet. Via a large suspension bridge and then in hairpin bends up over a mountain ridge we reach Vradal again and the tour is complete.

Done in 2015.


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