Corn Lake, James M. Robb Colorado River State Park



Trail stats

0.87 mi
Elevation gain
7 ft
Technical difficulty
Elevation loss
7 ft
Max elevation
4,593 ft
Min elevation
4,570 ft
Trail type
15 minutes
November 4, 2014
November 2014
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4,593 ft
4,570 ft
0.87 mi

near Pear Park, Colorado (United States)

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Itinerary description

State Parks pass required for the parking area, the trail can be accessed from the Colorado Riverfront Trail System system.

I did the main trail around the lake in my power wheelchair but I wouldn't go alone or without telling someone where you are going. The west and south parts are gravel and not very smooth but can be done with Power wheelchair or scooter but might be difficult with Manuel wheelchair. The east side is asphalt and is part of the parking lot and road, the north side is all cement. There are gravel side trails all around the lake and some to the river, some would be accessible but might have steep grades, soft spots or other obstacles.

There are 2 places for accessible fishing and some of the side trails might work also. There are picnic tables around the lake and some covered tables on the north side.

The Restrooms should be accessible for most people but might not work for everyone, they don't have running water.

I did this trail in my power wheelchair because I am looking for an app to use for Wheelchair Accessible or ADA trails. I wanted to see how this app works compared to other apps. WCW or Western Colorado Wheelers want to put all of the local trails that are Wheelchair Accessible on an app so people visiting the Grand Junction, Mesa County area of Colorado can find these trails.


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